A UV Printer, what’s that?

Well the ‘UV’ unsurprisingly refers to Ultra Violet; those rays of light that are just beyond our visual range but make your teeth glow purple at a dodgy rave. But in this instance they perform an absolutely essential task: they instantly cure the printed ink.

Unlike your normal solvent based wide format printers, our Roland LEJ640 uses these special UV curing inks. As soon as they hit the media the inks are blasted with LED UV light, dry instantly and stick like glue to whatever they land on.

And because the inks are 80% pigment, it creates a wonderfully crisp, deep and accurate image on the media. (Up to 1440 dpi).

And with a seperate white pigment in the ink arsenal, the range of clear and colour media that can be printed on is blown wide open.

The resulting print is waterproof, chemical & UV resistant and super scratch resistant too.

So outdoors in the blazing sunshine, rain and fumes is as safe for the longevity of the print as indoors, hanging on a wall.

Employ UV technology and open the door to more creativity!